Quality Assurance

At Temptations, we are committed to both providing an excellent product and service so that you are delighted with our products. Quality is an extremely important part of Temptations India's business and we take it very seriously. Temptations has a number of quality assurance procedures in place to protect the quality of the products. We are inspected by the concerned departments on regular basis. Our sweets, bakery products, savories and dishes are made the traditional way using only the finest quality ingredients.

Our quality assurance program begins at the front door and continues until our customers use our products. All employees at Temptations are trained on Good Manufacturing Practices and are required annually to take a refresher induction program. Our quality assurance department is responsible for implementing and monitoring our receiving guidelines, which record raw materials and review the material's mode of transportation, ensuring that the ingredients we use meet our quality standards. Our production teams track all ingredient lot numbers so that if an ingredient recall should occur, we have the ability to notify our customers within minutes.

In addition to implementing food safety programs, the QA Manager checks the temperatures of our coolers, freezers and ovens throughout the day. The manager also checks the condition and shelf life of all of our perishable ingredients in inventory to ensure quality. Ingredients are also checked for temperature while being used in the processing area.

Temptations has a program, implemented by our Quality Control Department, to ensure that our products meet all of their specifications including size, weight, color and texture. It is important to us that our customers get the high quality product they want delivered to them when they want it.